Navigator Community Guidelines

Navigator Community Guidelines

This project and its digital space is stewarded by and with growers and local food organizers committed to supporting visibility, connection, and healthy and supportive relationships among community members working to strengthen an equitable and just, community-driven food landscape representative of the needs of growers, farmers, organizers, advocates, workers, neighbors, and stewards of the land. 

These guidelines document the Community Food Navigator’s commitment to collective care. We encourage our shared community to foster digital and in-person experiences that safeguard the safety, inclusion, authenticity, and collective well-being of all participants. 

We have just begun the development of this shared guidance. This is a living document – as we interact, do, and learn we will improve the specificity and the language.

As with all of this project’s efforts, we will develop this guidance based on the experiences and needs of both our in-person and digital communities and in support of the ever-changing food landscape. 

Please explore, connect, and create shared value on our shared digital platform. Participate while acknowledging that everyone deserves to be here – each of us has the right to enjoy our experience without concern.   Thank you!

Here are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind as we get started: 

We believe in a culture of collective care and mutual solidarity. It’s up to all of us to ensure the Community Food Navigator’s online and offline communal spaces share a spirit of support, kindness, mutual accountability, and curiosity. Our goal is to build and mutually care for a community of people who value and recognize the interconnectedness of our local food communities and support the success and resilience of each person and group doing work to advance food sovereignty. 

We acknowledge safety as a priority. Fostering appropriate and thoughtful digital spaces and connections is the work of each of us. To safeguard a positive environment – choose to cultivate safety in our interactions, creating a space where people feel seen, heard, protected and valued. Mental, physical, material, individual, and community welfare is a priority.  Real humans are using and stewarding our digital and in-person spaces, as such, we must always remember to treat each other and our community with mutual respect, support, and dignity. 

We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying, and hateful language. Refrain from posting profanity, slander, lewd content, body shaming, or topics that aren’t clearly related to food work and are offensive. To ensure the protection and safety of our community, we reserve the right to remove bad actors at the project and community’s discretion.  Click here to read more in our privacy policy.

We value respect and good intent.  We appreciate and celebrate each other’s practices and accomplishments, and also have room to suggest what more might be possible. By sharing how we each work towards a more just and equitable food system to drive choice and ownership, our goal is to learn, build each other up, create and maintain trust over time and find more opportunities to connect across shared interests and actions that support food sovereignty for all. 

We don’t expect everyone to agree on how to achieve food justice and equity or even on the definitions of all terms.  

We do expect that this is a space where various perspectives and approaches are welcome and discourse is encouraged.  All are present- neighborhood groups, independent businesses, mutual aid networks, worker-owned cooperatives, publicly stewarded spaces, individuals learning to grow for themselves and their families, and more.

We share accurate,  relevant, and appropriate information. This digital space is meant to make work easier and more meaningful through collective knowledge accumulated and shared by and with growers, local food mobilizers, and educators. Information shared must be relevant and appropriate to forward diverse perspectives and skills within the food community. Relevant and appropriate contributions support the usefulness and value of this digital tool. 

Community Moderation Practices – in development

What’s next? How do we demonstrate collective care in digital moderation? 

The Navigator project would like to re-imagine how digital spaces can be moderated and stewarded in collaboration with the very community that is being fostered. In the spirit of collective care – we seek to design a model where digital happenings are monitored and guided by YOU and with the support of our project team. 

If you have any feedback, questions, and/or concerns please contact: 

Authentic engagement takes time, intentionality, and space to evolve – we will encounter the good and the not so good. Along the way, we will learn how to build a healthy, supportive, valuable, and safe environment for all of us. 

Our hope is that we work together to address concerns and discover opportunities to forward collective care in support of the work and each other. 

What are our guiding principles with regard to community moderation? 

  • We prioritize mental, physical, material, individual, and community welfare and safety.
  • We believe conflict and problem-solving can be generative 
  • We seek to acknowledge and address gaps in communication by listening and approaching discourse and resolution with the goal of learning and accountability.
  • We do not perpetuate additional harm in our quest for accountability.
  • We address each participant directly and pursue appropriate action while fostering environments of care – leaving room for continuous reflection.

Building digital community moderation

Community guidelines can both enable or restrict how people interact, especially in diverse and different communities that make space for many points of view and perspectives informed by our identities, experiences, roles and responsibilities. 

These guidelines are supported by human moderation, so that how we show up in this digital space fosters healthy interactions and connections that maintain a welcoming space that is valued and cared for by all users. 

As we begin in 2022, the Navigator project team is responsible for the moderation, maintenance, and stewardship of the Community Guidelines. The project’s Technology Development pod members, made up of app users who are growers, food producers, organizers and mobilizers,  serve as our partners and guides as we continue to design, build and practice a healthy, sustainable moderation process and structure.

As the app community of users continues to grow, our goal is to engage users like you who may be interested in contributing to the community guidelines so that they are responsive to the changing needs of this digital community and to serve as community moderators to support how we all practice these guidelines and maintain a caring and mutually supportive community.

Reporting – If you experience unhealthy or negative interactions in our digital space, please reach out to so that our team can be in care and support of you. 

Updates recommended by this project’s Stewards and Pod members:

  • Add glossary of terms to these guidelines to support understanding of language and words 
  • Add categories for reporting ex. Inaccurate information, posting profanity, slander, lewd content, body shaming, discrimination, harassment, bullying, and hateful language
  • Clear / transparent process for reporting and mitigating challenges – escalating problematic actions – restorative practices for addressing harmful behavior.
  • Expand moderation processes and selection of moderators with Stewards and Seed Starters’ input.